Coffee: A Celebration of Diversity

First published in 2002, Coffee A Celebration of Diversity follows Vincenzo Sandalj and Fulvio Eccardi through their long journey on the trails of this unique beverage. This editorial project was born from their pioneering work in coffee producing areas, with many years of research efforts and coffee passion. Its incredible history, origins, biology, production methods and consumption patterns are all studied, photographed and narrated in this best seller for coffee aficionados.
The perfect companion for sparking and developing a true passion for everything that is coffee.


Coffee: The Wonder of Chiapas Mexico

Published by Sandalj and Gaia in 2012, The Wonder of Chiapas takes readers on a journey through photographer Fulvio Eccardi’s vision of Chiapas. This editorial projects looks back at his decade-old reportage of the Mexican area, and reflects on the transformations that have occurred since then in the biggest coffee producing region of the country. One is transported to Chiapas and its culture, nature and history, giving the reader a taste of the extraordinary heritage of Mexican culture and coffee production.
The book is available in Italian and English.