Gathering the world’s aromas.

An Italian coffee passion since 1946.

Gourmet coffee importers and strategic consultants for roasters and coffee professionals around the world, since 1946.


We span the value chain, working with over 40 producing countries to provide the best coffee and outstanding service. SCA founding members and specialty coffee pioneers, we’re a family business committed to a culture for quality and longterm sustainability.

A rainbow of flavours

Specialty, gourmet and commercial-grade Arabica lots. Meticulously selected fine Robusta coffees. Ready-to-roast green coffee blends. Decafs that taste like the real deal.


We’ve always got more than 100 coffees to choose from.

Offer list

A complete spectrum of blends for any market and consumption requirement, with guaranteed qualitative continuity.

Ready-to-roast, in practical 30kg bags. Guaranteed cup profile, harvest after harvest. Give your consumers a blend to fall in love with.


Our Sandalj Blends are created with high quality green coffees, masterfully selected and blended to perfection, to provide roasters worldwide with a true Italian espresso experience. They are easy to roast, extremely versatile and wide-ranging, covering all your market and consumption needs.