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All coffees are evaluated for consumption in filter and in espresso, to ensure adaptability for differing uses and markets. Contact us for quality and traceability information and check our instagram page for updates from origin.


We’ve been championing traceability and origin discovery for decades. Our Traceability Project for small and micro lots was born in 2000, to allow roasters all over the world to rotate a selection coffees with differing processes, origins and varietals. We’ve worked with many of the farms and cooperatives for over 30 years, allowing consumers to try different tastes and aromas in addition to providing a direct line to the producers behind the beans.


Our line of quality Arabica coffees. Many of these have been around for years: our aim was to offer roasters a guaranteed flavour profile, harvest after harvest. We source lots for these with quality consistency in mind, so a Guatemala Teresita has the same flavour profile today as it did 10+ years ago.


Robusta lots have been a loyal addition to many espresso blends for years. The highest quality Robustas add body, but do not add negative aromatic notes. If neutral and pleasant, Robustas can be a great addition to a complete and varied coffee offering.


Our 16 signature Sandalj Blends are pre-blended for easy and homogeneous roasting. Packaged in 30kg yute bags, they are easy to store, move and make the perfect addition to your coffee selection. You won’t have to worry about managing your blend components, we take care of that for you while you can focus on providing your consumers with the best coffee experience and service. Give them a blend to fall in love with, harvest after harvest.