Cerrado Dulce NY2 17/18 – fine cup

Packaging: 59kg bags

Location: Sul de Minas Gerais

Cultivation: full sun

Harvest: June through August

Process: Natural with sun-drying on patios


  • malt
  • cocoa
  • chocolate
  • cereal
  • toasted hazelnuts
  • velvet mouthfeel

Natural Process

The harvested coffee cherries are selected, either manually or mechanically, to remove unripe cherries and foreign matter. They are then laid to dry on cement patios or raised beds, and turned regularly to avoid unwanted mold and fermentation. The whole drying process may last between three and six weeks, depending on climatic conditions.

This drying process allows the sugar from the pulp, mucilage (mesocarp) and skin (exocarp) to penetrate the beans, giving sweetness, body and a characteristic yellow hue (or bronze in the case of foxy beans).

When the dried cherries reach around 11% humidity, they are taken to the mill for hulling and kept in parchment (endocarp), before being milled and bagged.

Good for use in

  • Espresso

  • Cappuccino

  • Moka



Cerrado Dulce NY2 17/18 – fine cup