an aroma encircles the world

Coffees near

and far

Coffee is the most loved drink throughout the world. It has a particularly long value chain, bearing the stories of many families. Producers, cooperatives, exporters, importers, shippers, carriers, roasters, baristas and consumers and their respective families are all intertwined in each single cup.

Our mission is reconnecting all of these families.

A story

in every cup

Coffee is grown in over one hundred producing countries. Vinko Sandalj loved to say that it forms a web that connects places, lives and fates of people the world over. Different producing regions, varietals, soil types, climates and processes are among the many stories that every cup of coffee bears. It travels far and wide, often losing some of its history along the way.

Our mission is reconnecting all of these stories.

A celebration

of diversity

The Arabica and Robusta coffees we have are sourced from over forty producing countries. We’ve expanded our offering throughout the years with the desire to provide roasters with a veritable rainbow of possibilities. Our Excellence coffee selection was created in the early 1980’s for smaller batch gourmet coffees. Shortly after we launched our Traceability Project of experimental microlots with full traceability on the origin, harvest, production processes and producing families. Cup of Excellence coffees arrived in 1999, after Vinko Sandalj and Edy Bieker headed to Brazil to judge the first competition.

We’ve since continued striving for quality and diversity, cultivating dialogue throughout the entire value chain.

Where the world’s coffees


Every farm yields a spectrum of coffees, and as a result, producers and cooperatives depend on bringing them all to market at varying quality degrees. Typically, a producer will process a small portion of the crop with increased investment, in the hopes of obtaining specialty-grade premiums. The bulk of their crop however will be of commercial grade. This diversified production ensures diversified risk. The same can be said for roasters, who require a spectrum of offerings for their diversified sales channels.

Our job consists in creating a synergy for producers and roasters, for every coffee to find its cup. DISCOVER AVAILABLE COFFEES