Our Mission: Unique and Irreplaceable Coffees

Decommoditization grants coffee the necessary characteristics that differing varieties, qualities and origins of a product deserve. Our mission is bi-lateral: providing farmers with the necessary know-how for growing high quality beans, and developing the espresso and specialty coffee cultures around the world to provide consumers with high quality coffees.


This synergy insures that quality producers have a large market of appreciative consumers interested in repaying their efforts. More specifically, pricing and purchasing mechanisms of high quality coffee give farmers increased immunity from the speculative fluctuations of the futures markets. Due to the fact that new coffee plants take years to yield their first cherries, the coffee growing communities must carefully plan their expenses and plant according to their knowledge of demand and price they could potentially fetch for their harvests. Speculative behaviour in Arabica and Robusta markets is disastrous for producers who don’t have the means to predict or hedge in periods of market upheaval. Premiums paid for quality and good growing practices mean that farmers can focus on their product rather than worrying about price fluctuations they are unable to predict.