An italian coffee passion
since 1946

Our coffees
a rainbow of flavours

We have been pioneering importers of high quality green coffee for over 70 years. Based in Trieste and proudly family-owned, we source, roast and cup thousands of lots a year to provide our clients with a truly extraordinary coffee. Specialty Coffee Association founding members, we span the value chain working with producers, exporters, roasters and consumers all over the world.

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A World in Your Cup

Our team provides the necessary know-how for anyone produce an unrivalled cup of coffee. From a vast green coffee selection to bespoke blending and consulting, we can support you through the twists and turns of the worldwide coffee industry.


Within every coffee lies an incredible story

We work with coffee producers in over 40 countries, on a quest for the highest quality coffees, new varietals and processing methods. Collaborating with stakeholders all along the value chain, we believe in strong relationships and strive to contribute to the evolution of the culture for responsible quality coffee.