More than just great coffee

Consulting and assistance
for roasters around the world

A Sandalj quality guarantee

We offer comprehensive service packages to roasteries and coffee professionals worldwide. By virtue of our experience and centralized position within the coffee value chain, we can help you in many different ways. Whether it’s entering a new market segment, upgrading your blends, training your team or advising on machinery and roasting, your needs are at the heart of our business.


L’Accademia del Caffè

Our personalized training solutions are great for learning everything you need, without juggling a multitude of different courses. We can also organize SCA Coffee Skills Program courses in-house or visit your roastery to support you and your team.

New Markets

We can provide insight on country-specific consumption and purchasing profiles. If you’re thinking of expanding we can help you create a tailored offering, both in single origin and through customization of blends, to best suit market vision.

Private Label Roasting

If you’re starting off and your roasting machine hasn’t arrived yet, or are in-between machines, our private label roasting partner has you covered.

Direct Trade

If you’ve found a coffee or producing partner that are not part of our offering and you’d like to source, we can help manage a Direct Trade service for you. Get the coffee you want, efficiently.


Whether you’re trying to decide on a roasting machine, grinder, packaging, or cups, we’ll get you in touch with our partners. The added value is that with decades of experience and roaster support, we are able to identify what truly works and provide you with experience-based advice.