A quest for quality

the art of importing coffee

Coffee Culture

By definition, quality falls along a spectrum. We modulate quality and price throughout our offerings to cater to a broad range of production and consumption profiles.

Specialty Coffee

We evaluate specialty-grade microlots with a focus on quality and diversity. These coffees are special because they are varied. We look for a wide range of aromas, terroirs, flavors, varietals, processes, and extraction profiles, to satisfy roasters and palates all over the world. Our experience allows us to only purchase lots that pass our quality evaluation, not mere trends.

Commercial-grade Coffee

These are the backbone of both producers and roasters, and are assessed relative to each terroir’s distinctive characteristics. True to place and profile, these coffees are quality-consistent through time, providing a stable single origin or component for your blends. They are handpicked to ensure you get the coffee you expect, harvest after harvest.


Between signature ready-to-roast and clients’ customized solutions, our quality department works tirelessly to ensure all our blends are unequivocally time and quality consistent. You can purchase with peace of mind, knowing they will always taste the same.